How Independent Contractors Chase More Time Collecting the Payments Than Work

How independent contractor spend more time chasing the payments than working.

Independent contractors spend a large portion of their time chasing payments. This gets in the way of work, communication, and progress. Not just that, but it can put a strain on customer relationships, too. It is something that no one wants to do. You have to, though, if you want the money from a job – at least you had to. New online invoicing software features are making it easier to collect money. By making a feature for payments online, accepting credit and debit card payments, it is possible to reduce the amount of time spent chasing those payments. You can go back to work and get some time to yourself.

Payments Made Easier

For most contractors, invoices had one purpose – telling the clients what they owed. Invoice to Go would send this information out to clients, making sure they know the amount owed for the service. After that, it was up to the client to send the payment. Contractors had to wait, get back in touch with the client when things took too long, and try to keep everything organized. All of this would only result in more problems piling up and more time spent chasing payments rather than working.

Features now make it easier for clients to pay. Instead of relying on themselves to find a payment option, they can use the tools that you make available. By adding in a credit and debit card payment option through the online invoicing software, there are fewer hurdles for the clients. There is a higher rate of on-time payments and less work on the shoulders of the contractor.

More Time Working

When you make payments easier and accessible for clients, you do not have to chase after them. Contractors can rely on Invoice to Go, which recently set up this new feature, to do a large portion of the work for them. You are setting everything up for the client, letting them go through with it on their own. While it is far from perfect, it does significantly increase the number of people paying on time while decreasing the burden on you to go after them to collect.
Invoices can help you to succeed as a contractor. With the new payment option, contractors are not burdened by the need to collect. Clients have the tools made available to them and can do it promptly. Everyone comes away happier, with the results they wanted in the first place.

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