The advantages of Professional Invoicing software for small businesses

The advantages of Professional Invoicing software for small businesses
The advantages of Professional Invoicing software for small businesses

Running a small profitable business is really a pleasant venture when each and everything has a smooth traction. An ever-increasing momentum characterized a growing business. You understand that managing a business is an art- far more critical than designing the products and services itself! Invoicing and managing the “sales and invoice data” is one of the challenges small businesses face often. But now the worry cannot sustain long because software like Professional Invoicing is just a few clicks away from you!

What is Professional Invoicing software?

Professional invoicing is a unique, innovative and the most efficient invoicing software for small businesses. It helps you create instant professional invoices. The client base feels a commercial touch with it and it adds up to the professionalism of a company.

First let’s understand the need for “Professional Invoicing”:

There are 3 things that small business owners need to create for customers:

  • Estimates
  • Purchase orders (POs) and
  • Invoices

These are in the form of paper document or a soft copy that has to be generated on a computer. This is a tedious task since business owners need to create and produce them manually. They also don’t look professional since many products and services are digital nowadays. Selling high end digital or even physical products or services with poor invoicing methods looks unprofessional.
Also, it is a time-consuming task to generate invoices and keep records of all paid and unpaid invoices. Managing unpaid invoices is a painstaking job. It is because they need to be monitored regularly to get them paid from the customers.

Moreover, if your business has expanded across places as an organization, invoicing can be a big challenge. It is impossible to have the invoices and orders’ real-time data to be available at different places simultaneously. This is the most restrictive problem that a business can face.
If you wish to avoid such turmoil you can think of hiring in-house assistants to do this job for you. But, not to mention that it can be super expensive and actually you can lose onto a lot of cash that supposedly belongs to your profits!

How can Professional Invoicing assist you?

  • Synchronized data in multiple devices : If your business has expanded to multiple places, Professional Invoicing synchronizes the real time “sales and invoice record” data across those places. This lets different people to operate on it in real time. This feature makes it stand out from the clutter of different softwares available in the market!
  • Creating custom PDF files : You can create custom PDF files of the estimates, POs or invoices within seconds and they can be delivered right into customer’s inbox within a few minutes.
  • Color coded tracking : It also has the facility of color coded tracking for scheduling invoices and monitor the status of various things.
  • Competent payment system : It has a smart payment system that enables clients to make payments instantly with ease.
  • Multiple Payments options : It has the provisions customers to choose from multiple payment options like international card payments, NEFT, PayPal, etc. so that they make payments with the method that is most convenient to them.
  • Invoice Management : You can manage all invoices better by tracking and sorting out unpaid invoices.
  • Good tax control : Professional Invoicing also enables you to control the sales and payment taxes.
  • Mention disclaimers : It also lets you mention company disclosures, privacy policies and terms and conditions in the estimates, purchase orders, and invoices.
  • Receipts with images : How would it be if the documents contained stunning images of your products and services? This feature lets you put images in your estimates, POs and invoices that helps you connect with the prospects better and create a brand value in the eye of your clients.
  • Shipping information : You can include custom shipping information on the receipts or invoices like the shipping time and date and the probable date of delivery.
  • Company logos and authority signatures : Since you want to maintain your brand presence in the market this software also lets you add your company logo and signatures of the authorities in the invoices, PO’s and receipts.
  • Custom invoice IDs : It also has the provision to create custom invoice IDs so that IDs never become a headache in transactions.

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