5 Effective steps to build and maintain a Strong Relationship with your customers

Customer Relationship

Wish to create a more personal relationship with your customers?

Want to look different from competitors?

Business is all about impacting people’s lives and building long-term relationships with them. The stronger the impact they feel the stronger is the relationship.

Since businesses are built on providing value, building a relationship and maintaining it is a part of providing value. Building and maintaining strong relationships increases the perceived value of your presence in the market.

1. Always welcome new suggestions from customers

Do you remember the goal of your business? It is changing the way people do and feel things with your products and services. Here, everything drills down to the need of the customer. The gap you can fill by providing unique products and services. A customer always wants something different and unique where he compares real products with his imagined ones. Therefore, communicating with the customer and listening to his expectations and demands is a must. When you listen and try to grasp you build strong relationships. That pleases customers because they understand that you are always eager to take suggestions that can improve their lives. Over that, it is beneficial to your very own business since this is the perfect way to improve your products and services.

2. Discuss their benefits the right way

As a business owner, you are creating an ease in the customers’ lives. Since that is the goal you can discuss the benefits and advantages of your products and services. But do that sparingly and in a different way because they will not like it if you praise your services. You can engage them in discussions on social media channels by encouraging them to talk first about your products and services. Being a part of the discussion, you can then mention the benefits and advantages of your products and services. You can have a tone that expresses gratefulness that they tried your products and services. If the customers hear that you are thankful to let you address their personal or professional problems, they will be more than happy to be connected to you. Remember, their benefit first, not yours!

3. Make your customers feel special

Every customer is important and needs special attention when they are seeking a communication with you. Making them naturally feel special draws them to you. Being attentive when they want to share something or give a feedback on some product or service makes the difference for small businesses. Since you often say you are solving their problems you cannot lag behind in communication and prompt problem-solving. Provide them with precise answers to their queries. Do not object or contradict what they are saying because that often hurts ego which can cause disappointments. Pampering them and always being ready at providing solutions is the key to make them feel special.

4. Reward your loyal customers 

Rewarding your loyal customers can help you in the long run. They are the ones who are giving you repeated business from a long time. It will not be a good thing to lose them. Rewarding such customers can hook them up to your business. If done correctly you can serve them forever and reap business benefit from them almost forever. You can provide them free gift voucher, a free service or occasional discounts. Acknowledge their presence as your customers and tell them how important they are for you. Telling them how they helped change your life can itself be a great reward for them! No matter what, that is the reality.

5. Manage your all social media interactions from one platform

You can connect with your clients and customers on different social media websites. You need to do that because you don’t have your entire customer base on one social media channel. Integrate your company firm to social media accounts like twitter, Facebook or Google Plus with your CRM and keep track of your customers social media activities in real-world time. Get connected immediately when they communicate with your brand and try to respond accordingly. You can keep one resource dedicated to the job of responding to the customers quickly. This way your attentiveness can delight them and they will feel a strong connection with your company.


The relationship that you have with your clients and customers define where you stand in your business space. Not formally, but one can determine his growth from the thumbs up he has got. The sole reason for that is success is proportional to client satisfaction. Only products and services do not satisfy clients, the relations you maintain with them also make equal impact. Small businesses have the capability of doing that because they have comparatively small customer base. With good communication and building relationships you can expect your small business to grow into a more valuable business!

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