Six Mistakes You Should Avoid for the Business to Stop Losing Customers

Six Mistakes You Should Avoid for the Business to Stop Losing Customers

Businesses spend lots of money to attract new customers. They then do everything possible to keep these customers happy and pleased with their products. Sadly, many businesses lose a significant portion of their customer base. What is even sadder is the fact they lose customers by committing avoidable mistakes.

Below are six mistakes that you should avoid if the business is to stop losing customers.


Overpricing is the fastest way to lose a customer. To avoid this mistake, simply study your market. Look at the rates your competition charges. Compare yourself, your services, and quality with your competitors. For the most part, the clients will always go with a seller who charges them with low or cheaper rates.

Charge what is right for your business. Avoid overcharging.

Report Late

What time do you open for business? Promptness is a hallmark of professionalism and reliability. Clients need trustworthy suppliers. You display your trustworthiness by how you use your time. Showing up early for work is an effective way of demonstrating the value you attach to the clients and what you do.

Providing Vague Statements

The clients value their money. They want to get the best value for money all the time. They need information regarding what you expect them to pay. Often, this comes in the form of estimates, which should be as detailed and accurate as possible. Vague estimates will only disappoint your clients and cause them to leave and go elsewhere.

Poor Communication

Are you a good communicator? Do you understand the importance of communicating well with your clients? Do you under or over communicate? Over communicating is better than under communicating. Where clients are concerned, over communication is a non-existent problem or issue. Communicate properly from the first meeting with the client.

Difficult Payment Terms/Options

How easy is the payment process? Do your clients struggle paying you what they owe? It is good to look at the payment terms and options if you notice clients struggling with them. Make the payment process or options as easy as possible. Give the clients more options instead of limiting them to only one or two options. Otherwise, you will continue to lose a customer.

Failure to Follow up

Follow-ups are excellent, especially where payments are concerned. These should take place within reasonable periods. For example, ask for feedback from the client between 2-4 days after completing and handing over the project. The Follow-ups reassure clients that you still value them. Fail to follow up and clients will think they are less important to you.

Therefore, apply these measures and you will not lose a customer any more.

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