Five Product Enhancements for Managing Your Business Effectively

It takes a lot of work, dedication, and resources to manage a business effectively. How you manage the business determines the kind of success you – or the business – will attract. You need various tools to manage it. For example, you need trusted mentors, accounting software, bookkeepers, and healthy cash flow among others. However, do not ignore the importance of product enhancements either.

Below are the best product enhancements you need to manage your business successfully.

Managing Your Business

1. Home Screen Carousel

What do you get from the home screen carousel? With this product enhancement, you get access to the most accurate and crucial business data. The data includes sales information. It shows you the amount your clients owe you. It shows you how much money you have earned from each of your clients. Feel free to set the carousel to your favorite view and make that your home screen.

2. Sales Dashboard

The sales dashboard is an additional enhancement that you can use to obtain reports. Click each report to obtain a breakdown of the numbers involved. The dashboard gives you a platform for viewing your performance. What is more, the product allows you to check the business’ overall health. The new product is essential for viewing various details. Some of the reports it gives you access to include the following:

  1. Total outstanding balance
  2. Total monthly or quarterly sales
  3. Sales by client

3. Intuitive Invoices

What would you say to the thought of being able to organize all your invoices more intuitively? The new product allows you to do that. It does more too. For example, it provides a total of all invoices. You simply have to the bottom of the invoice lists to see the totals. Secondly, this feature enables you to do all the filtering and sorting needed to present the invoices in a more professional manner. The filtering and sorting remain in place for all your future references.

4. Simpler Previews

The product’s preview layout has undergone a bit of a lift too. Consequently, you can now complete your daily tasks in record time. You can enlarge the preview image with minimal fuss. Try making the image as readable as possible without taking too much time. Normally you can categorize the different information you get concerning the business with relative ease too. Quick action buttons are now available for emailing and editing the invoice previews.

5. Tax Settings

Lastly, the product enhancement gives you more control over the tax settings too. The result is you can set these settings for each job right out of the invoice. It is now possible to set tax rates to invoices. You can now apply these rates on all items. The changes have made it easier for you to set exclusive or inclusive taxes depending on the invoices you prepare for each project you handle at any given moment.

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