3 Realities Support Pros Wish Their Sales Teams Remembered

3 Realities Support Pros Wish Their Sales Teams Remembered
3 Realities Support Pros Wish Their Sales Teams Remembered

Customer support teams offer exceptional services that enable the businesses or organizations they work for to thrive. Support teams are the link that ensures customers keep returning to buy whatever a business sells. They act as the link between these two parties. They even set guidelines that govern how sales teams will associate with clients. The problem is most support teams seem to grow frustrated when their colleagues in other departments fail to adhere to a few things and rules. The result is customers don’t receive the exceptional services they expect.

The best solution for this is for the sales team to remember a few realities.

Which realities are these?

Lead generation isn’t for the marketing team only

Sales teams, which also handle all or most marketing duties, believe that they are the only ones responsible for lead generation. As most support pros know, however, this isn’t entirely true. The truth is that sales and marketing teams do much of the generation. However, they can’t succeed on their own. They also need the input of other teams. Customer support pros are equally responsible for generating leads. Customer Support does this by handling all customer queries, suggestions, complaints, and misunderstandings calmly and professionally.

How to support pros handle customers to determine if they will continue buying from a business.

Support pros are equally good at closing deals

Sales teams limit deal closing to themselves. They think every other person is incapable of doing this type of work. What they forget is the support pros are just as efficient in this as they are in any other duty and responsibility. Support pros are experts at well-timed upsells, which they use to close deals. They are very good at studying customer behavior hence recommending what a particular customer or group needs at a specific moment. By doing this, they contribute directly to closing deals.

Support pros are deeply knowledgeable about the business products and services.

They participate in high-stake sales communication with customers too.

Support pros aren’t magicians

Support pros appreciate when sales teams understand that they are not magicians. They don’t make things work by magic. They rely on tried and tested processes. Support pros help customers to find solutions to problems they face with the business products quickly and kindly. Sales teams are more interested in reaching their targets. While doing this, they bring all manner of clients to the business. They ignore the customer’s unique circumstances and needs. Thereafter, they leave the job of taking care of such customers to support pros.

Sales teams should observe these realities to give support pros the room they need to work.

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