Use Paperless Invoicing and Get Out of The Stone Age!

Use Paperless Invoicing.

Paperless invoicing is something you probably have been hearing about from people for some time now. Perhaps you’ve already considered it – but if you haven’t already done it, what are you waiting for? Paperless invoicing makes so much more sense than traditional billing!


All invoices were routinely posted in the good old days. With the advance in technology in recent years, many companies have streamlined this process by using a paperless invoicing system. Before you argue that this sounds terribly complicated and difficult to implement, think again! Paperless invoice management software, such as Professional Invoicing, allows you to create invoices on any device e.g. your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Professional Invoicing also helps you create invoices, estimates & purchase orders on the spot using its mobile apps. Software such as this is ideal for a small business as it allows you to easily track unpaid invoices and send reminders to customers.


In addition to being a simple way of invoicing, a paperless billing solution is also far more secure as well. Invoices sent by post open your clients up to identity theft as they could possibly get opened by thieves.

Environment-Friendly Invoicing

Making use of a paperless solution is also much kinder to the environment. You reduce the amount of paper and clutter you have lying around the office. It also helps you do your part in reducing your carbon footprint and saving trees!

Boost your Productivity

Implementing a paperless billing solution will definitely save your staff time and effort. Since you are assured that your customers have received their bills, you can avoid late fees and additional administration work for your employees.

Get Organised

Paperless invoicing software gives you a fantastic option of being able to file invoices electronically. Now finally get rid of those unattractive and bulky filing cabinets. Say goodbye to all that time-consuming filing of paper invoices for good!

So, are you ready to move out of the Stone Age and go paperless?

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