What does the Color of Your Logo Says About Your Business

What does the Color of Your Logo Says About Your Business

The colors you choose in the design of your logo communicates much about your brand. Your basic color chart is much more than that, it is a presentation of blues, reds, yellows, and greens that evoke specific emotions, preferences and capture attention. The careful selection and combination of colors in labels help consumers steer towards or against the company offerings. The color of your logo can say a lot about your business, so be sure to invest some time and research into colors for a meaningful and influential brand.

Why Logo Color is Important?

When it comes to branding, choosing the appropriate colors for your business logo is important because it creates a strong brand message. When we look at colors, we feel something, and we think of something like a personal memory. Color is reminiscent and connects to traditions. A water supplying company may not select bland beige and neutrals in the creation of its logos because these colors are not what we would imagine when we think of water. By selecting shades that correspond with the story and the emotion you wish to convey, you will certainly appeal to your target market.

Black Logos

Strength, mystery, and boldness come to mind with a stark black logo. Black logo associates with high-end services from perfume and hotel brands to corporate and sports. Black logos are classic and clean for a sophisticated service but may not be the ideal choice for a product on a store shelf that would be lost in a sea of bright colors.

Red Logos

Red is passion, excitement, love, and satisfaction. In psychology, red is a shade that increases appetite. You will find many food brands that incorporate the color red to entice customers and get them excited about your products and services.

Yellow Logos

Shades of yellow make us feel warmth, encouragement, and happiness. While bright and cheerful, it can also be an overpowering shade. Incorporating yellow as highlights and accents can help create the balance you are looking for while standing out of the crowd.

Blue Logos

Blue is about serenity, tranquillity, loyalty, and calmness. Shades of blue are associated with the endless sky and the clarity of the water. It provides a sense of professionalism and appeals to the calm and loyal nature of the customer. It can be incorporated in the business logo as a background, foreground, or as highlights.

Green Logos

The green color is closely related to nature. It produces peace, relaxation, and wildlife. Most environmentally responsible companies incorporate green shades for their close connection to the natural elements. The Green can also be used by corporate, electronics, food, and similar industries where bright and neon or less natural-looking enhancements are incorporated.

Purple Logos

The Purple evokes a sense of romance but also luxury, elegance, and royalty. From education and sweets to religious and cosmetic brands, purple is incorporated to represent sheer luxuriousness with a feminine touch. A combination of purple with other shades can produce a beautiful image.

Choosing a Color for Your Logo

In short, Your business is unique and the color combinations in your logo should be too. Considering the meaning and influence of each shade can help you create a brand image that best depicts the message you wish to convey.

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